“Mike Revzin’s seminars on China are very interesting and practical.  I recommend talking with him before you visit or do business there.”
Bill Rembert – Senior telecommunications manager

“Your background as a journalist and a long time resident of China brought a nice sense of reality to your discussion of business, technology, and life there.”
Douglas R. Reynolds, Professor of Chinese and Japanese History, Georgia State University

Mike Revzin joined the panel for our Fall Forum, “Technology in China: Its Development and Impact,” at Mercer University (Atlanta) on October 17, 2010. He made a fine presentation on the impact of new technology on the lives of ordinary people, and he added insightful comments during the discussion that followed. Mike is a great resource in the Atlanta community, with years of first-hand knowledge that comes from living in China.

Dr. Edward S. Krebs, Co-President, Atlanta Chapter, US-China Peoples Friendship Association

I’m so glad you mentioned the historical component that goes into Chinese attitudes. That is so important, even today, to keep in mind – such as when the Chinese government reacts to the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to Liu Xiaobo.  You’re providing a really valuable service.

Mollie Kirk, New Media Fellow, Asia Society

I recently made a trip to China to present research at an international symposium.  The tips you gave me about China helped me feel more comfortable because I was aware of potential problems I might encounter.  This peace of mind, along with your sightseeing tips, allowed me to really enjoy my visit to China.

David Bodine, Ph.D. student, University of Oklahoma

Mike Revzin conducted a series of four presentations for our congregation on “The Changing Face of China.”  The program was very well received by our members; due in part to the wealth of information that Mike has garnered over the years on the subject, but also because of Mike’s comfortable and engaging way of introducing people to a culture much different from theirs.  Our program was originally intended to be three presentations, but the interest was so strong that we asked him to come back for another.

Mike brought many insights into the culture, customs, business, political and religious environments of China, most of which would have been difficult to find in a textbook, but would have only become obvious to a person who had lived in China for an extended period.  He showed us what it was like to be immersed in the culture of China.  He introduced us to China with a combination of interesting facts, poignant inquiry and humorous reflections.

In short, we thoroughly enjoyed Mike’s depiction of China and found it to be quite informative, extremely interesting, and rather enlightening.  I would give it my highest recommendation.

Rick Marson,    Associate Pastor, Oak Grove United Methodist Church,  Decatur, Georgia