Learn about China from ChinaSeminars.com

Great WallDon’t let the word “seminars” scare you. Our China briefings are fast-paced and entertaining — yet full of practical information.Whether you are going to China for business, education, as a tourist or to adopt a child, you will have a more rewarding trip if you first learn about the country and its people.

You’ll see the world through the eyes of the Chinese, after learning about the political and economic changes that they and their country have gone through in recent decades. After taking this course, you’ll know such things as:

  • the proper etiquette at Chinese business settings and banquets
  • a bit about the language, and how to say some practical phrases
  • China’s basic geography; the location of key cities and regions, and their economic and social differences
  • the rapid changes taking place in China, and how they affect you
  • a few key leaders in recent Chinese history, and how they influenced today’s China

Click on the “About China” and “Traveling to China” buttons to see more details about some of the topics we cover. Click the “About Us” button to see our experience in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong — going back three decades. Confucius said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Your journey to China can begin with a single click.